The Raymond Loewy Museum of Industrial Design will host four to six temporary design exhibitions per year and establish a permanent collection of the work of Raymond Loewy. Additional programming will include exhibition programs, design competitions, lectures, film series, symposia, conferences, and volunteering. The museum will also host an after-school design program, tours, workshops, a learning-by-design program and internships. The museum would provide a multimedia experience using digital kiosks to provide an interactive museum directory and learning stations related to current exhibits as well as a resource center with a library virtually connected through a dynamic website.

The museum will directly create job opportunities in operations and programming and will provide educational internships to students. The museum will significantly contribute to tourism by hosting design programming in conjunction with other events that occur in New York City, such as the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. In addition, the museum will administer programs that will include collaborations with our partner organizations such as the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA), American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA), American Institute of Architects (AIA) etc.

Currently, there are few cultural organizations that are pushing the envelope into new artistic spheres, yet we are experiencing a modern revolution in consumer technologies that are reshaping our human geography. The Museum of Modern Art rotates industrial design exhibits into their galleries, which address these new developments. These are some of the most popular exhibits (people still recall the infamous "Mutant Materials in Contemporary Design" exhibit ten years later) but are infrequently presented.

Everyday we are witnessing the introduction of new designer tools to accompany our daily lives, from iPods and modular push-button housing to furniture that adapts to our new aesthetics of efficiency and cleanliness. The Raymond Loewy Museum of Industrial Design will provide a permanent home for the exhibition of these exciting new developments in their historical context and create a forum for children, adults, designers and organizations to explore and develop new ideas.

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