The mission of the Raymond Loewy Museum of Industrial Design is to promote and enhance the understanding of industrial design as a creative process, profession, marketing force and positive cultural dynamic founded upon the legacy of Raymond Loewy.

To achieve these goals, the museum will establish educational programs that will examine the principles of design, the nature of materials, human factors, industrial processes and the multidisciplinary synthesis that contribute to effective industrial design. It will feature exhibits that focus on products, individuals and groups influenced by Raymond Loewy.

The museum will be inclusive, bringing together designers, students, adults and a broad array of organizations including; The Industrial Design Society of America, the American Institute of Graphic Artists, National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the Industrial Design Network Foundation.

The Raymond Loewy Museum of Industrial Design, a non-profit 501(c)(3), and the Estate of Raymond Loewy will found the Museum.

The museum will promote the exchange of ideas by developing and circulating traveling art exhibitions and educational programming, with a focus on industrial design, decorative arts and architecture. Cultural relevance and diversity, as well as aesthetic quality, are guiding principles in the selection of exhibition themes and programming content.

Education is at the heart of our mission. It will be accomplished through reaching out to the public through symposia, film series, and other programs that will serve current audiences and attract new ones. The manifestation of this mission will be carried out with the creation of physical space where exhibitions and educational programs can be offered to the general public.

The Board of Directors is composed of current museum consultants, art scholars and collectors, writers, filmmakers, photographers, and business people with art affiliations. The Board meets every quarter to review the artistic and financial status of the organization. The Museum also has an Advisory Council comprising former Loewy associates, along with curators and art scholars in this country and abroad who provide guidance on the selection of projects.

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